10 Cool Products To Buy This Monday

Start your week on a high note with our selection of 10 cool products that you won’t want to miss.

This thing allows you to bench press 10-15% more weight. A great tool for someone that is starting to plateau on their bench. Just the ability to feel heavier weights than you’re supposed to is great for “getting to know” that weight

Lifting with chalk is a completely different experience than without. Nothing like your grip being perfect when the weights get heavy. Makes a huge difference in deadlifts and overhead presses

This pre-workout WORKS! I was able to lift more weights and the recovery time between sets was significantly reduced.

This is everything you could wish for in a mop system. Its compact shape doesn’t waste closet or cabinet space, it’s easy to pour, its stable design is less likely to slide or spill and its built-in wringer works beautifully

Best way to clean a dishwasher – run these dishwasher tablets in an empty machine – put the tablet in the soap dispenser & just let it run

The best hair dryer you will ever buy. Its built like a tank and does its job exceedingly well

Probably the most stylish way that you can show off to your friends and guest that you read books

This truly is the best insulated mug ever created. I’ve never had a travel mug hold heat as long as this’

Never buy rubber windshield wipers. Always buy silicone ones. They last a tremendous beating from the sun and help bead away rain water. They will pay for themselves in the long run

If you have neck problems, this resistance training device can help rehab your injury and strengthen the muscles in your neck

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