10 Cool Products You Can Buy This Week

This license plate frame is ingeniously designed to ward off scratches, scuffs and minor damange from fender benders

I have seen the light. A year ago I started getting blisters on my feet while running. Well not anymore. These socks are gifts from the gods

Japanese mayonnaise is vastly superior to American mayonnaise. It adds the perfect mix of creamy richness with a nice sweet flavor that isn’t too strong

These glasses add sophistication and class to your whiskey drinking experience and they are 60% off right now!

From clearing out flood water to vacuuming up construction debris to cleaning the car or cleaning the garage, etc, etc.. A wet/dry shop vac is worth its weight in gold

There are so many things that young men need to know as they achieve manhood, and this book is like a man to man talk that will help transition a clueless boy to a successful man

A safe and nontoxic screen cleaner that’ll keep the display of every gadget you own spotless, phones, ipads, tvs, etc

Self-defense pen and window breaker used in police and military gear. This one is durable, simple, clip keeps it secure in pocket, and it doesn’t scream weapon

Replace your straight shower curtain rod with a curved one. Instantly roomier, bougier shower experience

“I’ve carried this card tool around in my wallet for around a year and can’t believe how many times it’s came in handy 10/10 would recommend”

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