10 Cool Tricks You’ll Never Forget

If you need to zip up a broken zipper:

Keep in mind that you need to put a stopper at the bottom so it won’t come apart again. You can use a drip of hot glue or thread to do this.

If you need tweezers:

If you’re choking, and no one is around:

Get on all fours and let yourself fall onto your chest and belly, while moving your arms up. This method can help push the air inside out and remove the object that is blocking the airway.

If butter from the fridge is too hard to apply on bread:

If you need to avoid sneezing:

Press your finger hard against the base of your nose and your upper lip. By doing so you activate the special nerves that intercept the signal your brain sends out to make you sneeze.

If you’re afraid you may lose your keys or your phone during a morning run:

Just put a rubber band around the inside of your pockets.

If you need to get rid of the hiccups:

Inhale through your mouth.
Swallow twice in a row.

Exhale slowly through your nose.If you did it correctly, you may have a ticklish feeling, as if you are about to hiccup, but it will be gone completely.

If you keep forgetting whether you locked the door:

Try to say something out loud or do something while closing the door or performing any other task that has become automatic. You’ll be able to recall yourself saying it and you’ll know you did the task. We believe that saying or doing something funny will increase the chances of remembering any routine task.

If you need to get rid of a stuffy nose:

Lie down on the side that is opposite the blocked nostril and elevate your head with 2–3 pillows. According to the author of the message, this method can help you within several seconds.

If you struggle when threading a needle:

Do you know of anything that won’t take a lot of time to learn, but will be useful for a long time?

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