10 Foods That Don’t Go Bad Instantly After Reaching Expiration Date (Still Don’t Want To Risk It)


The staleness is really the biggest factor as the oxidation of unsaturated fats, like oils, can negatively impact odor and taste.


Refrigerated eggs are safe to eat after the expiration date as long as they aren’t giving off the classic rotten egg odor. At that point, throw them out.


Again, go with the smell test. Look for lumps. Godspeed.

Hard Cheese

The texture will change but the ripening process can keep going for years without harm.


If it’s not moldy or usually sour, you’re in the clear.

Dried Pasta

As long as the moisture exposure is kept down, mold-free pasta can be eaten after years on the shelf, though it might not taste so good.

Canned Goods

The expiration date on these usually marks when the taste and nutritional value being to decline. If the can is swollen that’s a sure sign to throw it out.

Frozen Food

Watch out for freezer burn, which is basically dehydration, but otherwise frozen foods are find as long as they haven’t been thawed at some point.


It won’t taste as good but don’t worry about the powdery white film you see on old chocolate. This “bloom” happens when sugar absorbs excess moisture, causing fat to collect on the surface.

Dried Herbs and Spices

Again, safe to eat, but it won’t taste as good the longer it sits.

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