10 Movies In Which The Actresses Shouldn’t Be As Beautiful As They Really Are

Sandra Bullock In ‘Miss Congeniality’

Although her character inevitably gets a makeover in order to go undercover at a beauty pageant, the first third of the film makes us pretend Bullock isn’t stunning. It doesn’t matter how baggy her clothes are or that she’s chewing with her mouth open, she’s still the woman who People named “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman” in 2015.

Amanda Seyfried In ‘Jennifer’s Body’

In this horror film, the popular cheerleader is played by the stunning Meghan Fox. And her ugly nerdy best friend? Amanda Seyfried, who has represented countless luxury beauty brands in the real world.

Emma Stone In ‘The House Bunny’

Emma Stone’s character and the rest of her entire sorority are supposed to be nerdy, frumpy losers who get made fun of by the rest of the Greek community. Eventually, the all get makeovers, but we’re really supposed to believe college boys wouldn’t have been interested in the gorgeous Emma Stone just because she had glasses and a ponytail?

Kate Winslet In ‘Little Children’

In Little Children, Kate plays an unattractive housewife full of disappointment. She finds excitement in an affair with Brad. He assures her that beauty isn’t everything and she nearly falls apart with gratitude. In his negative review of the film, critic Roger Ebert said that “in a story rife with implausibilities and absurdities, perhaps the most egregious is that we’re told we should accept Kate Winslet as somehow ‘unattractive.’”

Keira Knightley In ‘Pride & Prejudice’

According to Austen’s novel and the movie itself, Lizzie is quite plain. Even Mr. Darcy describes her as “not handsome enough to tempt me.” But I think we can all agree Keira Knightley is beyond beautiful. The director disagreed, saying that the actress’ tomboyishness and “scruffy independent spirit” was perfect. Knightley does manage to embody these aspects, but the world’s most spectacular acting couldn’t convince audiences that she is barely “pleasing” to look at.

Rachel Leigh Cook In ‘She’s All That’

This teen film offers one of the most iconic glasses-to-goddess “transformations” in movie history. Her character, Laney Boggs, is deemed THE weirdest, most unattractive girl at school and therefore chosen by the jocks for their cruel bet. But unless this high school catered to exclusively super models, I’d say the premise was a bit absurd.

Audrey Hepburn In ‘Funny Face’

Aubrey Hepburn is often called one of the most beautiful women of all time. However, according to ‘Funny Face’ her appearance is funny. In the film, fashion photographer Dick Avery tells her this at length via song. The upshot of the scene is that she shouldn’t worry about being ugly because he finds her “funny” appearance endearing and even takes a risk putting her in his next campaign instead of one of his usual cover girls.

Anne Hathaway in ‘Princess Diaries’

Before her Princess makeover, Hathaway’s character is supposed to be a nerdy loser at her high school. However, no matter how frizzy her hair is or how clumsy she is (eyeroll), you can’t deny her beautiful Hathaway’s face is. Even when covered with glasses.

Halle Berry In ‘Monster’s Ball’

Halle Berry has been named “Sexiest Woman Alive,” was a Bond girl, and even the runner-up of Miss USA. Yet in Monster’s Ball, she’s supposed to be an ordinary struggling waitress. The movie even inspired a famous think piece entitled “When Beauty Gets in The Way.” The author points to several scenes in which her character improbably passes under the radar, such as when her car breaks down on the side of a road and no one stops to help her. Her beauty, the author argues, “nearly subverts the movie.”

Olivia Cooke In ‘Ready Player One’

In the digitally rendered world of the OASIS, a person can be whoever they want to be. Olivia Cooke’s character, Samantha, is scared to let Wade see her in real life because she’s been rejected many times for her appearance and assumes he’ll do the same. it’s supposed to be a heartfelt moment when he accepts her, but…of course he does? It’s Olivia Cookie with a birthmark!

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