10 Murder Victims Who Solved Their Own Deaths From Beyond The Grave

3. Spirit possesses a co-worker’s body to reveal her murderer

On February 21st, 1977 around 8:40 p.m. firefighters from the Chicago Fire Department responded to a call for raging fire on the 15th floor of a residential building on N. Pine Grove Ave. in Lincoln Park, threatening to engulf the entire building.

As the firefighters managed to put out the fire, they found a heavily charred body under a pile of clothes and a mattress that were burning. The fire was not enough to erase the traces of violence on the victim’s body. There were multiple wounds on the body, and the weapon of the crime – a butcher’s knife was still sticking out of the body.
The body was that of Teresita Basa, a 47 year old respiratory therapist. The home appeared to be ransacked, and the clothes had been taken off from the body to imply a rape, however the autopsy revealed that she has not been violated. It was obviously a cruel murder, but the Police had absolutely no clues as to who might the killer be.

Detectives from the Chicago Police – Joseph Stachula and Lee Epplen, have been investigating the murder for over six months with no progress, and it seemed to be turning into yet another cold file. Then in August 1977 the detectives were contacted by Jose Chua. Jose came to them with a strange story, he explained that his wife Remibias Chua had been possessed on three separate occasions, and the entity that possessed her claimed to be named Teresita Basa, and that her murderer’s name is Allan Showery, whom she has let in her house to repair her TV. Eventually he stabbed her and stole some jewelry, then set fire to the place to cover any clues he might of left.

With this new tip, the detectives confronted Showery, and while he denied murdering Teresita, two of her jewels were found in the possession of Allan’s girlfriend, those were a pearl ring and a jade pendant, that were later identified by people close to Teresita.

Then Allan Showery finally confessed, and was prosecuted and found guilty in what was known as “The Voice from the grave trial”.

It is worth noting that Teresita Basa, Allan Showery and Remy Chua were all co-workers at the same department in Edgewater Hospital. Jose Chua was a doctor himself but worked elsewhere and did not know Teresita.

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4. A boy remembers his past life and faces his murderer

This next story is presented in the book “Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today,” by German therapist Trutz Hardo. It was passed to him by his friend Dr. Eli Lasch who has been working as a medical expert in the Gaza strip during the 1960’s.

A boy from the Druze ethnic group, living on the Golan Heights near the border between Israel and Syria, which at that time was just 3 years old, told his parents that he remembers his past life and that he was murdered by a blow to the head with an axe. That child also had a red birthmark on his head. The Druze people themselves have always believed in reincarnation, and that birthmarks are signs of something that happened in the past life of the individual. It appears that they are quite used to such stories coming from children, since in their culture they have the habit of bringing the child to the home of the person that they say they were in their past lives.

And they did exactly that. The boy named the village that he’s been living in in the previous incarnation, so they took him there. The boy remembered his name, and the locals said that a man by this name has gone missing 4 years ago. The boy said that he was murdered and pronounced the name of the killer, and that was the name of an actual person from that village, when confronted with the boy the man’s face was reported to have turned white, but he did not confess to be the murderer.

The boy then said the he remembers the place that he is buried, and pointed locals to that place. There they dug up a skeleton with a fracture on the skull that remarkably corresponded to the birthmark of the child. The boy also pointed the people to the weapon of the murder, which turned out to be an axe indeed.

When faced with this evidence the murderer finally admitted his crime. Dr. Lasch was the only non

Druze person to have witnessed this bizarre event.

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