10 Must-Have Buys to Brighten Your Day

These purchases are carefully curated to bring joy and make every day a little more special. From innovative gadgets that simplify your life to aesthetically pleasing decor that adds charm to your space, each item on this list is designed to deliver happiness.

If you dont like guns but still want some protection, this is the taser that cops use to subdue unruly people. It has an immediate backup shot if you miss or engage multiple subjects

Sudden downpours come with a heightened risk for flooding and mudslides. You can help control floodwaters by stacking sandbags in front of doorways or garages to block seepage or by piling them up to form makeshift mini dams. If you have sand on hand, cheap polypropylene bags will do the job. But for city folk looking for hassle-free prep, “sandless” bags are the way to go.

An awesome tripod for smartphones. It is light enough to take anywhere but strong enough for the heaviest smartphone and even some cameras. It is also flexible and can be propped and manipulated to hold your camera in incredibly weird ways

If you are a side-sleeper, get this pillow. The difference in your sleep quality will be night and day!

Your own personal sauna. You don’t have to use the dirty one at the gym anymore!

An in-wall smart outlet looks and works like an ordinary electrical outlet, yet it can also give you the power to automate any appliance or device you plug into it (just like a smart plug, but without taking up so much space). And you can control it with an app or a smart speaker

I don’t know how people live without a back scratcher. I keep one near my desk. The pleasure of an hard to reach itch scratched is incomparable

This expanding garden hose will make your life easier, its super lightweight, it never tangles or twists and is super easy to store

One of the best wallets I ever owned. Perfect minimalist size and fits all my cards. Does NOT bulk up in your pocket and money clip to top it off

Really cleverly designed hoodie that turns into a backpack when you flip it inside out

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