10 Tips From Male Cover Models On How To Shape Your Body

There is a general misconception that the seamless and perfect body shapes that we see in magazines and social media are photoshopped or derived from unhealthy supplements. While some of these images are artificial and created using photo editing apps; others are the result of hard work, determination, and consistency.

In this post, we will look at 10 tips from male cover models on how you can shape your body legitimately.

  1. Create a goal: This is the first step you need to take before you begin any form of workout. Defining your fitness goal will help set you on the right track. People often make the mistake of just doing random routines. While this can be good, shaping your body requires you to make informed and intelligent decisions. Hence, whether it be building a six-pack or bigger biceps, it is important to outline your fitness goal.
  2. Eat Healthily: Healthy eating is one of the most precious secrets to a well-shaped body. If you intend to have an amazing body you must eat well and do so consistently. Avoid going extreme with your diet. The secret is that you must stay consistent. If you are eating a protein diet, stick with it whether you feel like it at any given meal or not.
  3. Get Mathematical with your diet: Numbers are important when dealing with good body shape. This does not mean that you need make complex calculations. It simply means that you need to do some research to know the number of calories, amount of protein, etc. that you need for your body to achieve the fitness goal you have set and stick with them. Visit 120kgs website to learn more.
  4. Replace treadmill routines with weightlifting: It is true that you need to walk to stay fit. However, if you want a body that is fit to be a cover model for top magazines, you have to be deliberate. This means that you must to do a lot of weightlifting. For better results, use barbells or dumbbells instead of machines.
  5. Perform your routine well: We know that any lifting routine is not easy and we understand the pressure to cheat a little. However, it is important to avoid cheating to get the desired result.
  6. Focus on compound routines: The goal here is to work as many muscles as you can. Hence, you should perform routines that allow you to do that. Focus on compound routines like dips, squats, pull-ups, deadlift, and chin-ups.
  7. Don’t forget your liquids: Avoid taking beverages that contain a significant number of calories. A lot of people make this mistake. They eat healthily but drink poorly. Pay attention — you’re the calories in the liquids you consume.
  8. Tweak a few lifestyle decisions: You may not be able to stay in the gym all day but there are a few activities you can include in your daily activities. For example, get off the bus or train a few stops from your office and walk there.
  9. Avoid unhealthy snacks: Only eat snacks that are drenched in fat occasionally. Stick with healthy fast-foods whenever you feel the urge to grab a bite.
  10. Sleep is crucial: Pay attention to the quality of sleep you get. For a well-shaped body, you need at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep every day.

It is important that you follow the tips above consistently to build and maintain a well-shaped body.

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