10 Unique Gifts To Fill Christmas Stockings With

We all love to get gifts on Christmas. But when we find a present from inside the Christmas socks instead of directly receiving it from someone, our joy knows no bound. So, this time skip direct gifts and surprise your loved ones with unique and unexpected gifts hidden inside the stockings. Betway has compiled a list of gifts for you to choose from to fill the stockings.

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  • Mini beauty kit

Girls are the happiest when they are presented with makeup and beauty products. A nail paint, lipstick, and an eye makeup pencil would easily fit into the Christmas stockings and make your daughter or sister go grin.

  • Customized coffee mug

According to reports, the UK consumes 95 million cups of coffee per day. So, a new mug for Christmas would be an aesthetic idea for sure. But what will make the gift unique is customization. Present your loved one with a customized coffee mug this Christmas.

  • Earphones

A new headphone is launching every other day with improved features for better audibility. For your teenage brother or college-going son, a high bass Bluetooth earphone will be an opposite Christmas gift idea to be put into a Christmas stocking.

Image Credit: Betway

  • A diamond pendant

Remember that day when your mother was contemplating the diamond pendant in store but quit buying it? Go get that and hid it inside the stockings. Your mother will not be able to stop herself from shedding a tear of joy.

  • Chocolate bars and toffees

When it comes to the children, you do not need much effort. A Christmas stocking full of their favorite chocolate bars and Reindeer toffees will make them feel delighted.

  • Smartwatch

Do you have a fitness freak family member at home? A smartwatch will be an appropriate Christmas gift for them. They can see how many calories they have burnt and the steps they have walked on it and thank you every time for it.

  • Pocket diary

Though the technology has elevated still some of our elders have not got rid of taking notes in their diary. If you have someone like that at home, gifting him a personalized pocket diary is a thoughtful idea.

  • Smartphone

Get your daughter or son their first-ever smartphone this Christmas. Surprise them with hiding the latest model smartphone hidden inside the Christmas stockings. We are sure they will start jumping with joy after taking it out.

Image Credit: Betway

  • A plush toy

We never get enough plush toys no matter what age we are. For the plush toy lover of your home, get a small reindeer or a Santa or maybe a Unicorn that she can cuddle while sleeping. Do not go for big ones though because they would not fit inside the stockings.

  • An engagement ring

This is your golden opportunity. Ask her on the Christmas night itself but not in a conventional way. Hid an engagement ring inside the Christmas stockings and wait for her expression when she unravels the gift.

What are you waiting for? Christmas is knocking at the door. Hurry up and get the gifts fast. We cannot wait to know the reactions of your loved ones when they unwrap their presents.

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