12 Potentially Red Flags In Friendships

Changing plans
“When they can’t keep plans consistent. If they’re consistently last-minute dropping/changing plans, then it’s a sign that you’re their second-best option. You’re their backup if nothing else is better.”

“Always one-upping. This doesn’t refer to sharing their own story in response to yours, that’s pretty normal. It’s more about how you can never have the focus remain on you, it always becomes about them.”

Watch how they act around others
“Treating you differently when you’re around other people- acting embarrassed, disgusted, condescendingly, reserved. It happened to me personally and it took a while for me to understand it fully, but babes don’t stick your necks out for someone who wouldn’t even lift a pinky for you.”

They won’t give criticism
“Unquestionable support. Some people I know have a very loyal group of friends and it drives me insane and I really want to keep my distance from that bunch. Because I know what happens if any of their friends once criticizes them – they are able to cut off friendship altogether at once because of that. Most of my friends tell each other harsh criticism and insult each other all the time and I think we have much more trust in each other because of that.”

Careful what you say
“You get nervous and have to be really careful what you say because anything can set them off.’

Just… bleh
“When just being around them is tiring.”

I’m watching you
“Feeling like they’re trying to micromanage you. I had a former friend who, among other things, would constantly be monitoring everything I said/posted on social media. I already have to deal with a lack of privacy at home. If I can choose not to associate with someone who doesn’t respect boundaries, then I won’t.”

Chat Chat CHAT
“They only talk about themselves.. that’s literally the only noise coming from their face hole.”

Blame Game
“Shifting the blame onto someone else each time it’s actually their fault.”

“When they’re obsessively competitive. Such as when you share a bad experience, they go and say “That’s it?” then say that their experiences are worse. Like, come on man lemme bitch about my cheating father who chose to stay with his woman instead of making me feel like sh*t then rant about your grandmother taking your laptop away because you failed Science.”

Round and round
“You always come put of an argument feeling exhausted and nothing was really solved. This CAN be obvious, but it’s also easy to write off as the conversation not working out. Getting to the root of the problem is important, the people who fight against that are generally going to be pretty toxic, whether they mean to be or not.

I dunno
“If you are uncertain of how an interaction of you guys are going to go. If you get an erratic or wild card sense from them, that’s a problem. Each time I go to hang out with friends, I look forward to doing it and I have a gist of what will go down. If you can’t say the same about someone else whether they are moody, asking for stuff, or just not looking forward to it, etc… you may want to reconsider where you stand with them.”

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