12 Products You Need To Always Make A Good Cocktail At Home

A Zulay handheld milk frother because it is as simple as pressing a button to make quality lattes in your own home. It’s so straightforward to use that even if you’re severely sleep deprived, you’ll still be like BAM, kick-butt latte. 

An affordable Brentwood iced tea maker to enable your sweet tea obsession. This simplifies the process into two steps: dump the tea and press the button to brew.

A Genuine Fred umbrella drink marker that clips on any drink, allowing you to imagine you’re on a tropical island somewhere and not sitting through yet another work meeting. They are BPA-free and phthalate-free. Plus washing them is a breeze.

An inexpensive drink shaker set so you can make fancy drinks from the comfort of your own home. Th

A SodaStream One Touch, the famous sparkling water maker that has so many flavor offerings that the only limitation will be your imagination. This cuts down on the amount of single-use plastic. Plus, it allows users to control the amount of flavoring and carbonation.

Or a variety pack of Bubly Sparkling Water for a crisp, delicious water with no funny aftertaste. This pack comes with eight distinct flavors to fit any mood.

A pack of Hapy Shop Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes to keep your drink cold without having to worry about it getting watered down. These colorful stars will liven up your drink and show others that you are fabulous.

A hiss-terical Fairly Odd Novelties cat shaped ice cube tray that is purrrfect for any cat lover. The ice will still be small enough to fit in your glass, while adorably looking like a kitty curling up in your drink.

A set of Anotion Mason Jar Glasses with golden reusable straws that will automatically enhance your drink by 80%. These large cups are perfect for when you want to take your iced coffee on the go because coffee makes you less annoyed that everyone is in your way at the grocery store.

A pack of Flathead reusable silicone straws for those who must use a straw to drink out of everything, but don’t like using disposable ones! These are durable, dishwasher-safe, and even come with a pouch for traveling. 

A Rgontar donut coffee stir to add some cuteness to your morning cup of joe because nothing goes better with coffee than doughnuts.

A sleek Prodyne fruit infusion pitcher that helps provide delicious fruity beverages without making it necessary to pick out mushy pieces of fruits.

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