12 Things That Are Way Too Overpriced

Let’s face it, we’ve all forked over more cash than we would’ve liked.

So, when Reddit user u/dlo_2503 asked which things are the most needlessly expensive, people were quick to respond

“Anything wedding-related.”

“When my wife and I were looking for a wedding venue, there was a place we called and they quoted us $200 a day. When I made the mistake of saying it was for a wedding, they said, ‘Oh, for a wedding it’s $800 a day.’ No reason. If I hadn’t told them, we could have rented it for $200 and done everything the same.” — u/Prossdog

“Eyewear. You can buy a cellphone for the same price, yet the price of the material is just a small fraction, and the expertise to make them is not close either.”

“And, yes, you can buy glasses at a reasonable price, but that is only since recently and not often available in the shops.” —u/ElRedditorio

“Tampons and pads.”

“And the upfront cost for a reusable cup is, like, $50 or more. Not to mention reusable pads or similar are $$ too, AND people need reliable access to laundry facilities.” —u/BabaTheBlackSheep

“Pretty much anything out of a cinema.”

“I remember a joke my dad told me a few days ago, “Three robbers stole £20,000 worth of goods in a cinema and were never caught. They stole 10 buckets of popcorn and 2 drinks.” A bad joke, but it is pretty much the truth.” —u/GeneralKenobi4321


“Why must we pay tens of thousands for family who died?” —u/ssj3gogetto

“Housing. My apartment complex is charging over $2,000 for a two bedroom because of ‘high demand.'”

“Meanwhile, three apartments near me sat vacant for months until they found people willing to rent them for that much.” —u/OrdinaryRage


“EpiPens cost little to produce and cost hundreds of dollars! They’re something everyone should be able to afford if they have the need to carry one.” —u/Alert-Appearance-362

“FLOSS. It’s like $13 for a three-pack of floss.”

“This is toilet paper for your mouth. It is absurd. You can get, like, a 12-pack of toilet paper for the same cost. The floss market needs a correction.” —u/LtLawl

“Violins and other classical string instruments are actually not that expensive to make, yet they sell for thousands.”

“It’s simply a status symbol for bougie rich people bragging about their kids playing a classical instrument.” —u/Pseudoscientist5000

“Car key fobs.”

“I went to get an extra key fob because the original owner of my car lost one of the keys. The dealership wanted $500 for a replacement key.” —u/notreallysrs

“Mouth guards.”

“It’s plastic! It cost me $398, and my insurance only covers one every five years, but most dentists recommend replacing before that. Also, insurance doesn’t cover them for kids, and my son grinds, so that’s another $350. Can’t they see covering the mouth guard will prevent more costly stuff down the line from the stress of grinding?!?” —u/BrandiWyne4

And finally, “prescription drugs.”

“Some of these drugs are required for people to live everyday life. Psychotics especially, since they commonly save the individual taking them and people around them.” —u/Glossy_Gamer1

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