12 Unique Marriage Proposal Traditions From Around The World


It’s tradition to use a ring that’s been inherited as a family heirloom from the parents of the groom.


Guatemalan grooms seek the approval of their bride’s parents by presenting food baskets and organizing dances and dinner parties.


Scottish men must prove their worth by undertaking a series trials decided by the bride’s father. If they complete their tasks, the couple can get married.


The proposal happens during a small family gathering where the parents meet and, in the past, sign an actual contract that specified the wedding date.


The groom’s family gives presents to the family of the bride and, if approved, they receive a paper containing the date and hour of the bride’s birth. The groom’s family places said paper on an alter for 3 days, after which, if nothing bad has happened, they are allowed to marry.

United Arab Emirates

This one is a bit of a process. The groom tells his mother his intentions and she approaches the bride’s mother to ask for the daughter’s hand in marriage. Then a dowry is agreed upon which the bride uses to organize the wedding and buy jewelry.


The traditional engagement ring in Ireland is called a Claddagh Ring and features a crowned heart clasped by 2 hands.


The families of both sides meet during a formal ceremony called yuino where they exchange 9 gifts wrapped in rice paper.


It’s customary for the groom’s best friend to ask the father of the bride for her hand in marriage.


It’s common for the suitor to give a short speech to the bride’s parents about the couple’s love story and his wishes for the future.


The family of the bride is in charge of accepting the proposal at an even known as mangni and the bride will often get henna tattoos before the wedding.

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