12 Videos to Upload to your Couple YouTube Channel

The trends on social media are constantly changing, making creators struggling to find what type of content will bring them viral success. At the moment, some of the latest trends require social media influencers to create content along with their partner. Nevertheless, despite the trends, couples’ videos will always be popular as everyone is falling in love and is interested in watching content like this.

If you are looking for channel ideas, a couple’s YouTube channel will bring you a lot of views and subscribers. In this article, you are going to find plenty of video ideas that you can shoot with your partner for your brand-new channel. When you post it, make sure that you get cheap YouTube likes from Stormviews to boost its engagement and let more users discover it.

#1 Couple Pranks

At the moment, the couple pranks type of content is one of the most popular trends in every social media, especially on YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram. On these channels, each partner pranks his lover. Later, the other partner takes his or her revenge. The results are all very entertaining and for this reason, users seek the out. However, channels like this face a lot of competition. To stand out from the rest, you need to buy YouTube likes from Stormviews to boost your content and gain more subscribers.

#2 Vlogging

If you want to create couple’s evergreen content, then you explore the possibilities of vlogging. This type of content is timeless and you will always find users interested in what you have to say. Moreover, your experiences in your love life will always bring you views as many people want to relate to them. Don’t be afraid to open up and talk about your couple’s problems. These videos, promoted with cheap YouTube likes, will benefit your channel.

#3 Cooking for Couples

There is not a more perfect activity for couples than cooking. To explore this sub-niche, you can create videos that show recipes to cook with your partner. Moreover, you can create special recipes for the important dates, such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and your anniversary. These videos will be useful to many couples, which will earn you a lot of video views. No matter what you post though, you need to get YouTube likes to promote them as much as you can.

#4 Challenge Videos

Challenges are dominating social media right now. Every creator that wants to stay up-to-date and gain the attention of a lot of users, takes part in hashtag challenges. In couples, this gets even more interesting as the partners challenge each other and have fun. These are usually very entertaining and fun-to-watch, and with cheap YouTube likes they can earn you a lot of subscribers.

#5 Get to Know Each Other

One more video idea for a couple’s YouTube channel is the one testing how well you know each other. For this type of video, you and your partner will have to sit down and ask questions about each other’s preferences. You can also add more interesting to this video, by applying punishments every time someone answers wrongly.

#6 Partner Parody Video

Couples that make fun of each other are very relatable and for this reason, they gain a lot of subscribers. Namely, a parody video of your partner will be a great success for this very reason. If you want to make your parody stand out, then you will need to get YouTube likes from Stormviews to boost its engagement and become visible to more users.

#7 Best Restaurants for Dates

Another great video idea for a couple’s YouTube channel is a list of the best restaurants to go on a date. Many couples in your region will look for the best romantic spots to take their dates. Therefore, a list like this one will be very useful to a lot of them. Furthermore, you can also describe your dates at each restaurant so that you make your video even more intriguing.

#8 Travel Vlogging

The traveling niche is one of the most popular ones on every social media platform, from YouTube to Instagram. Moreover, this niche works exceptionally well with couples as many of them travel together. Therefore, take your partner on your next trip and make sure to include him or her in your video. Spend meaningful moments together and go sight-seeing, while also making sure to have fun.

#9 Play a Video Game with your Partner

As a couple, you can explore all of the popular niches to attract a large audience and launch a successful YouTube career. This way, you can play a game with your partner and upload your gameplay videos on your channel. This sub-niche, in fact, might bring you a lot of success as it is very original. However, you should remember to purchase cheap YouTube likes so that you promote them.

#10 Searching for the Ideal Gift for your Partner

Many users are browsing YouTube to find gift ideas for their partners. For this reason, videos that feature the search for the perfect gift tend to get a large number of views. Make sure that you show your struggle to find the best gifts so that users can understand how much you have tried. In any case, get YouTube likes from Stormviews to let your content reach a wide audience.

#11 Have your Partners Do your Styling or Makeup

One more type of content that is extremely popular at the moment is to have your partner do your makeup or choose your styling. These videos are usually extremely funny as the results in the makeup are ridiculous. Nevertheless, this content gains a lot of attention from users all around the world.

#12 Give a Tour of your House

Lastly, you can give a tour of the house that you share with your partner. This type of video will let your viewers get to know you better, making them feel closer to you.

Couples’ YouTube channels are very popular on the platform. All of the above video ideas will help you create content that will attract a lot of subscribers. When you post them, make sure that you purchase cheap YouTube likes from Stormviews to boost their engagement.

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