13 Fun And Exciting Fall Outdoor Activities

Many people think that with the arrival of autumn, various interesting outdoor activities end, and they tune in to a calm home mood. However, it is not so! Today, we invite you to see how you can diversify your leisure time this fall.

Train Trip

What could be more romantic than taking a train trip and watching how the landscapes change in the window? There are many great routes on the east coast, where you can enjoy the autumn views and discover new places in your area. Buy a ticket and go on a little trip already next weekend. It will definitely leave unforgettable impressions and emotions!

Farmers Market

Many of us are accustomed to the fact that the markets are only for the summer, because in the summer there are so many fresh fruits and vegetables. However, in the autumn, the variety in the farmers’ shops does not end and new seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkin, appear.

Weekend At The Hotel

Rent a hotel room with a beautiful view and enjoy the idleness. Order room service, have breakfast, lunch and dinner in your bed and forget about the bustle of the city. You can find some interesting options in Vermont or Maine, which can be reached by car. Hire a luxury car to add more emotions to your rest.

Gather With Friends Around The Campfire

Have you ever gathered with friends around a campfire to have warm delicious drinks, eat marshmallows and tell scary stories? Maybe it’s time for that. Do not think that this is fun only for children. Bright emotions are guaranteed for everyone!

Boat Ride

Choose a lake and rent a boat to swim, breathe some fresh air and look at the beautiful autumn trees around. After such a walk, you can have a picnic on the beach. It is possible to get to the lake by car rented in New York.

Walk In The Park

Autumn is a great time to walk in the park and not only look at the beautiful yellow, orange and red trees, but also to remember childhood. For example, why not jump into a pile of leaves? Again, who said that only children can do this?

Make A Beautiful Wreath

After you’ve had fun fooling around with jumping into the leaves, you can make a beautiful wreath of leaves and twigs and practice your creative skills. If you have children, you can gather leaves, paint them and make various crafts to remember your autumn day in the park.

Horseback Riding

Visiting the stable, feeding the horses and riding horseback is another option for spending a weekend in the fall. If you don’t know how to ride, there is an opportunity to hire an instructor. You can enjoy the scenery, add some activity to your days and take beautiful photos for your family album.


Visit one of the local farms not only to buy fresh vegetables, but also to experience the rural atmosphere and ride a hay truck. It will definitely appeal to both adults and the smallest family members.

Rent A Cabin In The Woods

Find a nice and cozy house in the woods or mountains and go there with the whole family for the weekend. During the day you can walk in nature, and in the evening you can gather near the fireplace and enjoy talking with each other.

Movie Marathon

Another fun option for autumn leisure is to get together with friends for a movie marathon. Cook seasonal treats such as apple pie, pumpkin muffins, cranberry biscuits, and watch a few movies in a row.

Play football

Football is a cheerful activity for both guys and ladies. Create two teams and arrange a competition. Who will win, boys or girls?

Go To A Football Game

If playing football is not of your interest, you can go to a football match. Eat hot dogs and drink cola, remembering fun student days. For sure, this will bring a lot of positive emotions.

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