13 Peculiarities of American Girls to Consider While Dating Them

Are American girls worth dating?

Many people around the world say that American girls are not sincere and not very intelligent. However, we think that these are just myths and people who spread such thoughts in society really have not ever met true American girls and, for sure, never dated them. Dating American girls requires you to do specific things and there are some peculiarities for you to check out before you decide to date a girl from America.

Peculiarities of dating a native American girl:

Peculiarity 1. American girls are very stylish and fashionable.

Choose an American girl for dating if you like women who are always in trend and wear the most fashionable clothes you have ever seen. Indeed, American women like shopping. It means that you will be supposed to wait for her when dating an American girl before she buys something to wear. However, if you do not mind spending your time with her this way, feel free to schedule a date with a girl from the USA.

Peculiarity 2. These women are very independent.

Normally, an American girl will not let you pay for her food when you are eating in a restaurant. For her, it is a matter of personal abuse when you attempt to pay for her. These women are very independent and hate to be underestimated and discriminated against. You would better change your attitude towards this challenge and split the bill.

Peculiarity 3. American ladies are very kind.

If you find your American girl on a dating site or elsewhere, you will soon notice how kind these girls are and how big their hearts are when it comes to helping others who are hungry, poor, and in need. The women from the USA like to participate in various charity programs. They do volunteer a lot. If your charming American lady is like that, just accept her the way she is because it is a norm for her to behave this way.

Peculiarity 4.  American women are very educated.

As long as American girls hate to be treated as secondary people in society, most of them struggle to have higher education. They choose difficult disciplines to study and often get Ph.D. degrees in some of the subjects they select. Therefore, it is wrong to say that American women are stupid. There is a category of people in the USA that do not want to be educated, but the vast majority of Americans have higher education.

Peculiarity 5. American girls are sincere.

Some people who have never been to the USA would say that all Americans fake their smiles and hide their true opinion about other people. However, this is a myth too because most American ladies are very kind-hearted and open-minded. They do like to get acquainted with others and are really glad to meet new people.

Peculiarity 6. They like to exercise in gyms.

It is a myth that all American women are very fat. On the contrary, there are many gyms and swimming pools in the USA. If they are open, why do they exist if there is no one who visits them? Of course, American men and ladies like to exercise there to look slim and attractive. However, even if a girl in America cannot afford to buy a membership in the gym or pool, she can always go running in the morning. You will often meet ladies who are jogging early in the morning before they drive to work. Therefore, it is rude to say that Americans are obese and ugly. Never trust people who spread such rumors.

Peculiarity 7. American women like to cook.

Despite the fact, Americans like fast-food restaurants but it does mean that they dislike cooking. Most American ladies cook at home. They like to have barbeque parties and invite their neighbors and friends there. If you decide to date an American woman, you will never be hungry when you marry her.

Peculiarity 8. They are not promiscuous.

You might have seen «Sex and the City» and wrongly concluded that most American girls are frivolous just like characters from this movie. However, the reality is not like that. There is a category of ladies in the USA who are believers and very religious people. They are pure and innocent. Therefore, never judge the book by its cover.

Peculiarity 9. They are rather rich.

It is true that it might be difficult to impress a charming American lady if you are a poor guy from a third-world country. However, not all American girls value money the most. Indeed, they are rather rich and like to drive expensive cars but they treat true feelings better than money and luxury. You should expect her to appreciate you, even if your first gift to her is not the most luxurious.

Peculiarity 10. They like presents.

It would be better to say that American ladies like attention more than just gifts. They like to get presents from a man who is in love with them. Feel free to give her a nice gift to improve her mood and make her be in high spirits for the rest of the day.

Peculiarity 11. American women wear high heels.

It is a lie that all American women do not wear high heels. Indeed, some girls prefer to wear sneakers and other comfortable shoes, but not all women are like that. Especially, if we speak about girls from big cities like New York or Washington, you will often meet a woman wearing high heels there. If you like ladies on heels, feel free to date an American girl, at least, online on a dating site.

Peculiarity 12. They like compliments.

All American women are women, so they like to hear compliments. Some of them love with their ears. Therefore, if you want to win the heart of your American lady, you would better say kind and pleasant words to her every time you meet her.

Peculiarity 13. They use cosmetics.

It is a myth that American women do not use makeup. Maybe, they think that they do not need it because they are beautiful by nature. However, most American girls like to use makeup and often do it when they need to go out with a guy.

Bringing it all together

Have you noticed that there are too many lies and myths spread around the world and telling bad things about American ladies? Probably, it is like that because other nations are just envious of American ladies because often they are more successful than they are. Therefore, other nations create such bad lies about American girls because they are afraid that all guys will choose Americans and they would be alone. Indeed, most of the crimes are committed because people are envious of each other and want to have a better life but do not know or want to change themselves, so they prefer to destroy other people’s reputations or even take away their lives. However, the truth is that you will never be successful when you destroy other people’s good names. Instead of that, you would rather focus on your own life and create your destiny by yourself. American girls are aware of how to do it, therefore, other people would better learn precious lessons from them.

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