13 Photos Show That Pregnancy Is A Wild Ride

“My wife: “Let’s start trying now, it’s going to take months anyway, so we’ll have plenty of time to prepare…”8 days later…”

“I told the Subway worker, ‘My pregnant wife would like as many pickles as you can legally give her.’ They came through.”

“My pregnant sister just won a Halloween costume contest.”

“Pedicure at 35 weeks pregnant.”

“My wife is 5 months pregnant. I guess you could say the belly runs in her family.”

“My friend’s wife is pregnant.”

“Baby due any day now. Getting some last-minute practice in.”

“I’m 27 weeks pregnant now and this is what my son did today.”

“In late-term pregnancy, the belly bump almost always interferes, but it is convenient to put ice cream on it when in a cafe.”

“My mom left this cheeky little bouquet on my porch today as I hit 36 weeks!”

“Tell me you’re 39 weeks pregnant without telling me you’re 39 weeks pregnant.”

“Cracking up at the hilarious difference in my undies from the beginning of pregnancy vs today at 37 weeks!”

“One of my pregnancy cravings got the better of me yesterday. And yes, I went into a movie theater for this, and only this.”

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