14 Amazing Products To Add Excitement To Your Life

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Get ready to elevate your life’s enjoyment with these fantastic finds.

1. A cat spoon that’ll hang its paws over the side of your cup and bring some whimsy playfulness to coffee and tea time. Ain’t it PAW-fect?!

2. A bubble tea AirPods case so your earbuds will have a ~sweet~ spot to rest when you’re not losing them.

3. A Polly Toucan pitcher that’s so pretty and fun, you’ll probably want to let the little birdie fly out of your cabinet daily.

4. A Darth Vadar waffle maker in case the Star Wars fan in you would love to have the Sith Lord join you for breakfast as often as the Force permits. 😊🍽️

5. Mike’s Hot Honey for anyone who a) loves eating and b) wants to make eating way more delicious by drizzling good stuff on what they love eating. This honey will bring the spicy-sweetness to ice cream, chicken and waffles, cocktails, and more!

30. Jumbo LoterΓ­a β€” which is basically be the Spanish-language version of the bingo game. You could play for money, fun, for shots, or whatever you all decide.

7. The Scrabble board game in case crossword puzzles and word searches aren’t cutting it anymore for you word nerds and you’d like some real competition.

8. A soup-scooping ladle inspired by the Loch Ness Monster because what’s cooler than an actual factual item that’ll prove to everyone the Loch Ness Monster truly ~does~ exist β€” at least in your kitchen. You can also use this cutie to scoop more than just soup.

9. U-lace shoelaces (yep, from Shark Tank!) that’ll stretch and stick inside your shoes so you give your sneaks a very playful look AND you’ll only have to lace up once.

10. A soap opera sponge holder to give your kitchen or bathroom a funny conversation piece and give you a tidy place to store a sponge or steel wool scrubber near your sink.

11. An Escape Room game so you’ll have the fun of those trendy mystery game rooms right at home. It’ll come with three scenarios (The Dentist, Secret Agent, and Space Station) at varying levels of difficulty.

12. A Scrub Daddy sponge that’ll smile and bring some extra joy to folks who actually do consider cleaning to be a fun pastime. (Yeah, we exist. Be nice.)

13. The Spontuneous game that requires one player to choose a word while the others think of a song with that word in the lyrics. Note: You do not have to have the voice of an angel. In fact, it’ll make for a much funnier night if you sound as terrible as possible.

14. The Brilliant or BS card game, a trivia game that’ll have you questioning your judgment, your friends’ and fam’s knowledge, and maybe doing a lil’ bit of lying πŸ₯΄πŸ˜‚. This’ll def put a spin on game time if your squad is into trivia.

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