14 Common Misconceptions Among Tourists

“Not all of New York City is as crowded as the touristy areas. The vast majority of us aren’t navigating through Times Square as part of our daily commutes (but mad sympathy to those who actually have to).”

“I live in Las Vegas. Listen. What happens in Vegas stays on the internet and also in the stories of every local who saw you do it. Don’t do stupid sh#t.”

“Tokyo here. I could name a few, but the one that always gets me is the misconception that people are going to accept (or even respond politely to) outrageous weebishness. If you roll up in Shibuya with a Naruto headband and a Hello Kitty backpack, trying to communicate through a handful of anime catchphrases while creepily leering at schoolgirls, people are rightly going to give you a wide berth.”

“I only lived there for a little while, but it’s a common misconception that Hawaii is a great place to live. Don’t get me wrong – it might be the most beautiful place on earth and there are many, many exceptional things about living there. But it’s terribly expensive just to grocery shop, let alone try to buy a house.”

“I live in California. Non-Californians be like “ohhh wow I love all the palm trees and the beaches, you are so lucky!”. I live in the middle of a desert. Nothing but dirt, joshua trees, 70 mph winds, and sagebrush.”

“Australia is big, varied, and safe. There are dangers here, but your biggest risk is yourself. Just read the signs (not a metaphor – there’s signs about every danger everywhere) and use common sense.”

“I lived in Amsterdam for five years. I realized pretty quick for the rest of my life saying you lived in Amsterdam means people assume you’re really into weed, illicit drugs, crazy parties, hookers, or a combination of all that. In actuality, most of my going out was for drinks with colleagues, I don’t like pot, and only ever went to the red light district when someone visiting me was curious enough to see it.”

“Los Angeles, specifically Hollywood. Literally everything about it is underwhelming. The Walk of Fame is cool for 2 seconds, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is smaller than you’d think, the Hollywood sign is just a big ass sign, and no, you’re not going to run into a celebrities walking around. All the while it’s incredibly crowded, smells terrible, and you have to dodge costumed street performers in droves.”

“I lived in Hawaii for many years. You wouldn’t believe how many people legitimately think everyone in Hawaii lives in grass huts or who are shocked to find out everyone there speaks English or don’t know Hawaii is part of the United States, including quite a lot of Americans.”

“(Bahamas) What’s funny is when people come to the main island, and are surprised to find out that the entire place isn’t a clean, beautiful, sandy tropical island no matter where you go. It’s also funny when they find out the murder rate (which is high in comparison to the size and population).”

“I live in Munich. We just had Oktoberfest. The most aromatic of all events. Vomit. Urine. Mostly vomit.”

“I lived Liverpool for a long time, American tourists in particular used to be amazed that not everyone was obsessed with the Beatles.”

“Boston. If you’re expecting everyone to talk like a Ben Affleck movie you’ll be sorely disappointed.”

“Living in Bali. Yes there are some beautiful places but its really dirty here. There is literally garbage everywhere as the local government doesn’t have a trash collection program. People burn their trash everywhere.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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