14 Cool Things From The Past That Resurfaced After A Long Time

“So my family and I have been living in our house we bought a few years back. It was built in the late ’40s. I had remodeled everything on the first and second floors. When it came time to remodel the basement, I found something amazing.”

“I work for the railway and found this Gatorade carton in near mint condition in a tunnel. The date on the top says June 16, 1988.”

“A school security guard found a bag stuck between the lockers but didn’t know it had been there since the 1950s. Inside, there were things that gave a snapshot of the life of teenagers from that time.”

“My mom still has my baby silverware… I’m 36.”

“Vintage board games found in the attic of our new house”

“This disk with 500 hours of free internet from 1999”

“Found in my fiancé’s backyard, it’s been sitting there since the ’90s”

“I found something interesting.”

“I found a fossil in the parking lot of a pet store.”

“Found a 2011 MacBook Pro at a relative’s house, that has never been opened.”

“A 1-dollar coin I found, from 1882”

“2 bottles of the same seasoning, bought 20+ years apart”

“I found this beautiful old compass in my grandparents’ house.”

“Anyone know Freddy Marr, age 6, from London, so we can let him know his message was found in Denmark?”

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