14 Coolest Products To Treat Yourself This Weekend

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Gymnastic rings are the most humbling piece of fitness equipment and is absolutely a great tool for bodyweight training

Battle ropes can seem gimmicky but check back with me how much of a joke they are after doing a few intervals of 30 seconds true max effort, 30 seconds rest.

Battle ropes cardio is low impact and something you can do inside when the weather sucks. It doesn’t require a pricey machine that takes up a lot of space, and is actually interesting to do.

This bathroom scales gives you 13 metics including your weight, bmi and bodyfat

The TV will always have a better picture but there is no substitute a 110″+ screen available with a projector. People don’t realize that we’re talking about a screen that’s over 2 1/2 feet wider. The overall screen area is double that of a 75″ TV. Here’s an awesome budget friendly projector and screen

For the paltry sum of about $30, you could significantly improve your TV’s color, contrast and black levels

Bias lighting improves perceived contrast levels. It also allows your eyes to relax when watching in a dark room, as it gives your eyes context and doesn’t force them to focus on small bright detail in an otherwise dark room.

If you don’t want to disturb the person sitting next to you or sleeping in the same room, TV headphones are the way to go

This shampoo works wonders on flaky, dandruffy hair. Also may slow hairloss

The World’s Most Sour Candy… These things are death in a hard candy ball. They’re the stuff of legend!

Permethrin Insect Repellent – It helps with ticks and such, too. It’s an anti-parasitic. Just lay all your clothes, tent, bag, etc in the drive way, spray, flip, spray. Let sit for a bit then pack everything.


Picaridin is a repellent that’s as effective as DEET but without the drawbacks.

Inexpensive and easy way to add home security to your house, apartment or hotel room. When door pressure is applied, the 120 dB alarm will sound.

Drink one of these after you a night of drinking and you will never get a hangover

Every kitchen needs this simple and effective solution to an annoying problem

It’s summer and if you are serious about wanting to maintain looking young, sunscreen is a must!! This one is super light, oil free, and is great for acne prone skin

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