14 Men Who Know How to Troll Their Partners

“My husband made a barrier, and these two are not happy about it.”

“At 30 weeks pregnant, I told my husband I’d like to have some pie. It’s a win!”

“My boyfriend made me a dinosaur in a forest.”

“About 9 months ago, my husband asked me to teach him to knit. I present to you a washcloth that was finally bound off today.”

“I asked my husband to put the leftovers away, and wasn’t disappointed.”

“Just kidding. I was a little disappointed.”

“My husband went to grab me tampons and came back with a ’happy period’ gift bag.”

“10 years together, 3 kids, and he’s still my favorite.”

“I told my boyfriend I’d be open to making a small gingerbread house with him, and this is what he brought over.”

“I told my husband I needed more yarn (specified 4 colors I needed). He came back with 14 skeins in lots of cool shades! He’s the best husband ever.”

“I asked my husband to buy zucchinis.”

“I asked my boyfriend to bake croissants for our dinner.”

“I asked my husband to put on a new toilet seat and woke up to this.”

“I asked my husband to put up blinds!”

“My boyfriend is always mindful of the things I say or do. So, he gave me this set of knitting needles on Valentine’s Day.”

“I was amazed by the fact that he had studied online reviews and found the best option.”

“I needed my wife and daughters to smile during a photoshoot, so I told a dad joke.”

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