14 Military Food Rations Of Armies Around The World


Apple sauce; Pea stew; Meatball; Bacon in fat; Crackers; Rice with peas and meat; Cheese spread; Carrot and potato substance

United Kingdom

Muesli oats with milk; Sports drink, coffee and tea; Candy; Cranberry cereal bar; Fruit cake; Vegetarian pasta; Oatmeal cookie and hazelnut spread; Tomato pasta salad; Salted nuts


Hazelnut pudding; Rindfleischlyoner grob; Pea stew with mettwurstchen; Hackfleischrollchen with rice; Muesli, oats milk and fruits; Roggenschrotbrot; Cranberry cereal bar; Roggenschrotbrot; Dark chocolate; Crackers


Breakfast: Biscuits; Chocolate; Jelly; Spoon; Coffee; Sugar; Salt. Lunch: Tortellini; Beef; Fruit salad; Biscuits; Coffee. Supper: Crackers; An entry bar; Tuna; Soup


Terrine forestiere; Crackers; Chocolate, nougat and candy; Muesli, oats and fruits; Instant tomato soup; Braised ham; Crozets et diots


Hot chocolate; Orange drink; Coffee; Coffee creamer; Banana flavoured oatmeal cereal; Bread; Sliced apples; Baked beans; Ketchup; Peanut butter; Strawberry jam


Marble pound cake; Skittles; Grape flavor energy drink; Crackers; Chili; Macaroni


Drink; Chicken soup; Hazelnuts; Crackers; Chocolate; Chicken and rice


Biscuits with pepper; Salt crackers; Chocolate; Pineapple; Papaya; Turkey pate; Liver spread; Sardines Beans; Coffee taffy’s; Orange drink; Tea; Beef soup


Tea; Coffee; Chicken casserole; Hardtack; Hard candies; Stick of gum; Honey; Condensed milk ; Pepper; Salt; Raisins


Biscuits; Tea bag; Jam; Pate; Squash; Rice; Corned beef with soup


Tuna; Mix fruits; Beef and peas; Instant vege soup; Pate


Breakfast: Iced tea; Biscuits; Rice with beef; Wipes.

Lunch: Spoon and tissue paper; Pate; Pork; Drink; Sugar.

Supper:Biscuits;Tuna;Pate;Iced tea;Sugar


Cake; Fruit; Rice; Sausage; Hot Sauce

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