14 People Sharing Some Unusual Finds On The Net

Get ready to delve into the world of intriguing discoveries with these individuals who have stumbled upon some truly unique and extraordinary findings on the internet.

“A broken quarter”

“My clothing pegs explode when used”

“The wearoff from the cashiers shoes at this shops checkout”

“my collection of (mostly) vintage uranium glass.”

“Panda accidentally gave me their daily stats with my receipt”

“the lemons on my grandmas lemon tree are always huge”

“This jar of cheez whiz that expired ten years ago today.”

“For some reason the garlic in my Hello Fresh was just one massive garlic”

“This person taking their parrot for a walk at the mall.”

“A bike I bought got delivered in a box showing an Aquarium and a note explaining why”

“The stairwell in this hotel goes straight forward (13 floors) instead of wrapping around.”

“This is what a bathroom looks like on a 1st class Japanese bullet train.”

“The 1st class shower/toilet on an A380”

“This Kohl’s mannequin has a prosthetic leg.”

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