14 People That Really Love What They Do, And It’s Showing!

A brave photographer taking a close-up shot of a crocodile

“My dad is a 71-year-old nurse and refuses to quit! Words can’t describe how proud I am.”

“I told my students that if almost all of them did an online test they could choose my facial hair.”

Danish policeman playing with a Syrian refugee child on her way to Sweden

This vet ate in a rescue dog’s cage to make her feel safe.

“The librarian at my school made a poster of herself welcoming people to the library.”

“My Uber driver today was a super sweet woman!”

“These 2 window cleaners outside my office”

“My skydiving instructor was 60. This was his 9,424th drop and he doesn’t plan on stopping until he reaches 10,000.”

“I work as a welder, and during my off time I use my welding skills to create art. This is my latest creation.”

“Our principal wanted to help raise money for breast cancer awareness, each piece of tape was only a dollar…”

“It makes me love my job even more when I get to cheer kids up at work.”

“Our waitress at Waffle House had this tattoo. That’s dedication!”

“Our tour guide stopped to give a raccoon some fresh water.”

She is a sign language interpreter.

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