14 Subtle Clues In Movies And TV Shows That Often Go Unnoticed

This article highlights small but significant hints that are presented in movies and television programs that often go unnoticed by viewers.


In Jordan Peele’s thriller, there are many references to the iconic movies of Steven Spielberg, such as Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Jurassic Park. All of these movies are about encounters with creatures that are very different from people.

Both Spielberg and Peele created aliens that used the clouds as a disguise. In Close Encounters of the Third Kind, an alien ship hovers above the character’s house as a bright orange cloud. In Nope, the characters discover that one large cloud on the horizon never moves.

House of the Dragon

In one of the episodes, Rhaenyra is using the secret tunnels of the Red Keep to get to the town. She gets the map from her Uncle Daemon.

The tunnels were King Maegor’s design, the same cruel king that Daemon is often compared to.

Sansa Stark loved lemon cake in Game of Thrones, and Rhaenyra enjoys them in House of the Dragon, but in a special way. The princess only eats the lemon piece and leaves the rest of the cake intact. Some viewers think it’s a way of characterizing Rhaenyra as someone who only thinks about herself and her desires.

Licorice Pizza

Not everyone knows this, but in this movie, George DiCaprio, the father of the famous Leonardo DiCaprio, appeared in a scene. He portrayed the owner of the store that sold the main character a water mattress. It was the 79-year-old man’s acting debut.


Back in the very first episode, the creators left an obvious hint as to who the main villain was. When Wednesday was settling into the dorm, the botany teacher gave her a black dahlia flower. It’s the same flower she would later get from Tyler.

This flower is reminiscent of a real-life crime that was committed in Los Angeles back in 1947, and it’s still unsolved. Later, we find out that Ms. Thornhill and Tyler united to destroy Nevermore.

The dress code for the Raven Ball is white clothing. White ravens are rarely seen in nature and can be a symbol of something rare, special, and ominous.

In episode 5, we see that Wednesday is having fun with a potential boyfriend, which seemed almost impossible, and at the same time, her friend is being attacked by a monster.

The bright look of the Nevermore headmaster was inspired by the main character from Hitchcock’s The Birds. Tippi Hedren was in the old flick, and her green suit became iconic. Girls of the same type were called “Hitchcock blondes.”

Bullet Train

In the film, there’s a short cameo of Channing Tatum reading a sentimental novel. It’s a nod to another movie, The Lost City.

Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock did this too, just like in Bullet Train. In The Lost City, Channing Tatum played a man that worked as a model for novel covers.

The girl we know as Prince is reading a different book. The young lady is enjoying Shibumi, which tells the story of a modern samurai, full of vengeance. This is a hint that the girl is also cruel.

The Lost City

Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock played the main roles in the film, and Brad Pitt appeared in a cameo. And there was another nod to Brad Pitt — Tatum looked like Pitt’s character in Legends of the Fall.

The Crown

Season 5 of The Crown is set in 1991-1997. The creators used the details of Diana’s outfits to show her growing self-confidence and the increasing distance between her and the royal family. At the start of the season, Diana is wearing pastel colors and old-fashioned silhouettes, but later on, her outfits get bolder.

The sapphire brooch is emblematic of Diana’s creativity and ability to find individual expression within the monarchy. Diana’s red nails reclaim a sense of individualism, personal power, and creative expression.

The Menu

The conversation between Margot and Chef Julian Slowik takes place in his office. In the back, you can see a shelf of folders with different information about reservations.

According to a Reddit user, after 2019, the chef didn’t see the clients as people anymore. This is why after 2019, we only see the names of dishes.


In Disenchanted, we see Disney princess dresses during the fitting, belonging to Belle, Aurora, and Snow White. You may even notice the rose, the apple, and the pumpkin under the glass in this picture, further giving away the identity of these princesses.

Avatar: The Way of Water

The adopted daughter of the main character never lets go of the necklace that belonged to Sigourney Weaver’s character in the first film. This girl is her daughter, and the family heirloom is the connection between the characters of the first and second movies.

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