14 Very Weird Orders

“The procurement department received an order for a 6.5-mm (in diameter) drill. Turned out, they made a mistake and missed the period, so the client ended up getting a huge 65 mm (in diameter) drill.”

“Let the whole world stop and help this woman!”

“It was the first time I got an order for a dog’s portrait. Usually, I only paint cats but after having seen this photo, I thought, “Yep, I should accept this order!”

“Someone literally ordered every sauce that we had.”

“Once our workshop got an unusual order — a girl asked us to make a toy as per her daughter’s drawing.”

“We didn’t get confused and several days later, the kid got her present. Both the child and her mother were happy.”

“One visitor ordered a pizza with no sauce and no cheese — just chopped hard-boiled egg and cilantro.”

“My dad ordered a salad so he could “eat healthier.””

“Designer’s workdays”

“We got an order for an unusual bowl for cats.”

“I got a call from a girl who I know and she said, “Please help me. We are having a competition tomorrow and I urgently need a cake. I have already written a speech for it.”

“She continued, “I am going to take it out to the competition room and say, ‘I am such a master that I can cook a cake even from pasta and grits.’ So I need a cake that would look like it was made from pasta and grits. Can you do that, please? Also, please pour something colorful on top, like confetti. It will symbolize joy and creativity.” Now I know that making similar stylish and posh cakes are the privilege of popular confectioners. Still, weird orders have their right to exist as well.”
“The customer was a bit nuts, but we had turned even weirder fantasies into reality.”

“It was a slow day at work and a customer asked if we could draw a turtle on the box. I decided to take it a step further.”

“When the one who’s having the birthday adores fast food but still wants a cake for his special day.”

“My boyfriend ordered a plain pizza. Literally.”

“A private client asked my mother ‘to finish the painting’ of her 19-century icon, which was in very bad shape, by any means. My mom painted a serpent with ears to commemorate our late doggy.”

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