15 Art Examples That Will Really Make You Think

“This artist furnishes old manholes to bring awareness to homelessness.”

“This huge disposable coffee lid reminds us of environmental problems.”

Invisible Homeless, a piece by Luke Jerram, was made to highlight the growing number of hidden homeless people.”

“This miniature recreation of The Castle shows the potential impact of a book. Books can make you see your life from a different angle.”

“The sinking library — we don’t visit them too often nowadays.”

“These “melting men” installations show that the global warming problem is crucial.”

Computer Dude — modern technology has become a huge part of our lives.”

“One more piece of artwork to remind us about recycling”

“Nature is also alive.”

“Everyone has a beautiful garden inside.”

“When everyone is busy with their own technology”

“A simple counterclockwise rotation of 70° represents how the actual social situation has changed.”

“Cage of Depression”

“Plastic in the ocean seeks revenge.”

“This represents the question: Can we really see each other, even if we’re together?”

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