15 Awesome Cyber Monday Deals At Amazon

20% off the new AirPods Pro (their lowest price yet — almost $50 off!) if you’re looking to invest in a comfy, ridiculously effective noise-proof option.

Up to 72% off a Renpho percussion massager you don’t even know how badly you need until you’re using it

50% off a 23andMe test that’ll tell you everything from health predispositions to ancestry to predicted habits as specific as what time you probably wake up in the morning.

58% off a heated eye massager with so many bells and whistles it is worth the investment and *then* some. Not only does it come with five different massage modes and a 15-minute timer, but it has Bluetooth music so you can vibe with your eyes *and* your ears.

35% off a pack of Crest 3D Whitestrips so you can get pearly whites without spending too much green.

Up to 42% off a Coway Airmega True HEPA air purifier so you’ll literally *and* figuratively be able to breathe a little easier in your home (it reduces over 99.99% of icky airborne particles!)

50% off an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K to magically transform your old TV into a smart one.

40% off a pair of Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones reviewers *swear* by both for staying the heck put during workouts and for overall being super comfy for long work days (not to mention the nine hour battery life!!)

Up to 35% off a Calvin Klein bralette because you deserve as many of these cozy staples in your closet as you can get.

30% off a Hoover ~PowerMax~ vacuum that will make any pet owner SING — this doesn’t just take care of allergy-inducing pet hair and dander, but has a legit HEPA filter for the kind of clean you don’t just see with your eyes but *feel* in your nasal passages

42% off a Roomba robot vacuum (the best price ever on this model!) so you can watch your house get cleaned without even having to get up from the couch. Technology can be great.

29% off a La Specialista Arte Espresso Machine that’s such an investment in your future happiness that you’ll be blowing kisses to thank your past self for YEARS.

Up to 34% off a 3-in-1 foldable magnetic wireless charger you’ll honestly be mad you didn’t know about before now??

33% off a splashproof spa foot tub so you can enjoy the most decadent of Friday nights with a glass of wine in one hand, a book in the other, and both feet getting acquainted with the water jets and ~invigorating bubbles~ of this glorious gizmo.

Up to 45% off (plus another 10% off!) a memory foam neck pillow designed with a curve to support your neck so you aren’t flippity-flopping around and waking up from a long trip with sore muscles. Bonus: free eye mask and ear plugs included!

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