15 Bizarre Discoveries In Homes

This collection uncovers bizarre, amusing, and downright strange items that people have stumbled upon in their homes.

“Found this old ouija board in the attic of my 100+ year old house”

“While renovating my grandmas house, I found the prosthetic leg of my great grandfather in the attic.”

“I found these stacked in a secret drawer left in my 1885 house”

“We discovered a locked safe in the floor during remodel of our old home”

“A friend just sent me this – found by his mate while renovating his house in LA – concealed behind an old bathroom vanity. Invite to Walt Disney’s daughter’s wedding, dated 1954.”

“Found a mandible in the travertin floor at my parents house”

“This old graveyard I found in the woods behind my new house”

“My house has portraits in the crawl space from the original owners in 1960 that have never been moved.”

“This 15 year old stash of canned food I found in my crawl space from the house’s previous owner”

“My best friend found this tag when they were cleaning out her grandmas house on some old BERENSTEIN Bears.”

“I found a locked gun safe in the creek at the back of our property”

“Renovating a 100 year old house, found what looks like a samurai sword under a section of the house that had a dirt floor. The sheath is metal on the outside and wood inside. Still sharp and heavy.”

“I found 150 pieces of corn in my floor. My house is from the 1700s.”

“Friends moved into a new house. And found 3 dead crows nailed to trees in there backyard.

Looks like it’s done to keep other crows away- from farms usually. You can buy fake dead crows on Amazon. These might be fake I guess”

“Found this inside the wall in my hallway. I’ve lived in this house for all of my 46 years.

…and on the back – so faintly written that I cannot capture it with my camera – are the words “an old man called energy”.”


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