15 Chilling Facts About Forensics


  1. Most of these aren’t particularly “chilling”.

  2. RE finding matching fingerprints before computers: I have no idea how it was actually done. Did they really search through fingerprints one by one? Surely one could find some way to classify fingerprints. Like before computers were invented, when you wanted to find a word in the dictionary you didn’t have to start on page 1 and search page by page until you found it. Someone thought of the idea of “alphabetical order”. (Which now that I think about it, seems simple and obvious to us because we’re so familiar with it. But whoever first thought of it must have been a genius.) Couldn’t one find some way to divide fingerprints into categories, to say that there is type A and type B and type C and so on, so that you wouldn’t have to search the entire file but could quickly narrow it down to a small set?

  3. No moron(s), the shape of your skull does not determine your race and gender. Your race and gender determine the shape of your skull. [insert patented Captain Picard facepalm]

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