15 Classic Photos Of Pac-Man Hysteria

These photos capture the excitement and craze surrounding the iconic Pac-Man game, highlighting its cultural impact and the joy it brought to gamers everywhere.

Danny DeVito and Christopher Lloyd argue over a new Pac-Man machine in a 1982 episode of “Taxi.”

Kids play Pac-Man in an arcade, date unknown.

“Coleco Pac-Man, 1982.”

“Grandpa trying out Pac-Man while my other grandpa looks on, 1982.”

“Man playing Pac-Man at arcade (1980s).”

“Showing off my PAC-MAN skills to my cousins and grandparents, 1987.”

“Michael Jordan playing Pac-Man at UNC in 1983.”

“Halloween early 1980s during ‘Pac-Man Fever.’”

“Girl playing Pac-Man at the arcade in 1983.”

“Winner of a Pac Man tournament, 1981.”

“Me rocking a PacMan Halloween Costume in 1986.”

“Pac-Man players. San Francisco, 1981.”

An advertisement for Ms. Pac-Man, circa 1982.

A flyer for Pac-Man, date unknown.

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