15+ Cool Products From Amazon That Make Perfect Gifts

1. A portable espresso machine for your coffee-loving friend who can’t bear the idea of being without their morning espresso. This is perfect for people living in dorms, or for your adventurous friends who spend practically every weekend outdoors.

2. A portable instant photo printer so that the up-and-coming photographer you know can have tangible photos to add to their portfolio.

3. An oil mister just in case your friend seems to pretty much live off of roasted veggies. This’ll save them from oily fingers that come along with tossing sweet potato fries in avocado oil.

4. A set of cute cat socks, because who isn’t in need of more socks?! These pretty much belong in your kitty-loving coworker’s wardrobe.

5. A sleek essential-oil diffuser that looks more like decor than a diffuser. This is perfect for your zen loved ones who are always chasing ~the aesthetic.~

6. A Waterpik water flosser, because the gift of immaculate dental hygiene is one worth giving. This machine uses pressurized water to get rid of every last speck of plaque from even the hardest-to-each areas of your mouth. Oh, and it’s great for those with braces, too!

7. An ice roller that I use pretty much daily to tighten my skin and diminish the appearance of pores. I gifted one of these to a friend years back, and she still talks about how much she loves this nifty little tool.

8. A rechargeable milk frother for the latte lover in your life. But this baby can do more than just help you achieve a coffee-shop-worthy mug of joe at home — you can also use it to whisk matcha, or even dabble in making a frothy Greek frappe, which involves whipped instant coffee.

9. A trio of candle sticks to help your loved one add some ~ambience~ to any mantle, dining table, or nightstand in their home.

10. A tiny waffle maker, because there is nothing, I repeat, absolutely NOTHING, cuter than tiny breakfast foods. This makes the perfect-sized waffle to have as a side dish during a Saturday morning feast.

11. A plush reversible throw blanket that doubles as both a decor piece and a super cozy blanket to nuzzle under. This’ll work great for that one friend who LOVES sprucing up their Netflix binge experiences.

12. A super cute headband to keep every last baby hair out of your giftee’s face and add a pretty alarming amount of cuteness to their Sunday spa night routine.

13. A Kindle Oasis that is pretty much the best gift I’ve ever received! Well, truthfully, I gave it to myself — the reason being is that it saves me shelving space that would’ve gone to paperback books, it has a warm light feature that won’t keep me up at night, and it has an ergonomic back (unlike other Kindle’s) that makes holding this device in one hand a breeze.

14. A karaoke microphone, because everyone has that one friend who belts their heart and soul out when their favorite tune comes on. There’s no reason you *shouldn’t* help them project their voice with a Bluetooth-capable karaoke microphone.

15. A charcuterie board set that’ll have your foodie relatives showing off their intricate fruit and cheese boards with pride. You can use this board while it’s closed for a simple circle spread, or open the board, exposing the utensils, for more surface area for your prosciutto.

16. An ice cream maker that I’ve received as a holiday gift in the past — and boy oh boy, as an ice cream lover, this was the gift that kept on giving. This machine is simple to use; all your recipient really *has* to do is put their ingredients into the machine, turn it on, and in about 20 minutes they’ll have a fully churned, velvety bucket of ice cream. This machine also works with nondairy milk for a vegan-friendly option, and can even make some delicious frozen yogurt.

17. A candle accessory set, because everyone knows that person who (like me) has candles in their bedroom, in their bathroom, in their living room and even an extra few in storage. This set includes everything a candle aficionado needs burn wax like an absolute pro (while prolonging the life of their candles, too!).

18. A ceramic vase so that the person in your life who is OBSESSED with gardening can have a vessel to make some beautiful homegrown arrangements.

19. A complete bartender set that’ll be pretty much heaven-sent for anyone who is always on the hunt for the perfect Negroni. Now, they’ll be able to make it themselves.

20. And a vacuum insulated thermos, just in case a person you know needs more than a cup or two of coffee to fully wake up. This thermos keeps hot drinks HOT and cooler drinks cold ALL. DAY. LONG.

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