15 Cute Photos Of Good Boys And Girls

“This is Della. She knows she is not allowed to have the squeakers out of toys, so she shamefully brings them to us when she gets one out so we can take it and throw it away”

“My neighbor’s dog always brings me an apple whenever I walk by.”

“It’s hard to tell, but one of my dogs helped mow the lawn.”

“He likes to help with the garden.”

“This is Dexter who lives down the lane from me. Every time he comes to visit, he brings a pine cone that he’s picked up along the way as a gift. 41 pine cones and counting!”

“Priscilla brought me her favorite toy to make me feel better while I’m sick.”

“My lawyer has a rescue pit/bulldog mix in his office. I was super-stressed and he helped a lot.”

“She brings me her treats when she thinks I am sad.”

“The neighbor’s cat brings me jalapeños from my garden. He’s so proud. Good kitty!”

“He brought me my slippers when I woke up. Didn’t teach him this.”

“Been going through a hard time lately and was going to sleep on my friend’s foldout only to find my usually shy girl waiting for me. Stayed with me all night.”

“My truffle hunter with the 18 oz of white truffles she found today.”

“This is Maggie, my grandad’s old girl. She doesn’t get as much attention anymore, but she always brings you a leaf. You can’t actually have the leaf, she just wants you to be proud.”


“My friend’s dog brought me a turkey feather while visiting.”

“It’s always helpful to have an assistant when building IKEA furniture.”

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