15+ DIY Crafts To Try: Cool And Creative

Get ready to unleash your creativity with this collection of these crafts that are both cool and creative.

“Leather messenger bag I made recently”

“I had so much fun making these Cartoon gift wrapping! Inspired by the Borderlands videogame”

“Jacket I made from a sleeping bag!”

“I hand-embroidered entomological collection”

“Told a girl Im seeing that I can carve a “little”. She said sarcastically “Yes, for sure you can!” – so I made a box for her.”

“The little girl upstairs is turning 7 today…She’s told me twice 🙂 I decided to gift her a jar full of my tiny origami stars.”

“I had a dream that I made cottage pie with starry night mashed potatoes and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.. so I present to you The Starry Night Cottage Pie”

“I made a dragon out of discarded bottle caps”

“I made this painting in oil on wood panel”

“Run away with me. Wet charcoal and pastel art by me.”

“Jewelry with pomegranate seeds made by me from polymer clay and epoxy resin :)”


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