15 Examples When Laziness Is Stronger Than You

When all the cups are dirty and you’re too lazy to wash them:

“I forgot this pizza in the oven about a year ago…”

“My mom asked my brother to make empanadas, but she didn’t mention the size. He was lazy, so he just made a big one.”

This is a new kind of family.

“My wife and I wanted to grow strawberries. It was cold, so we thought nothing would grow. A week later, we collected the harvest, but it was only 2-3 strawberries.”

Someone didn’t want to shake the vulnerable equilibrium of the universe by moving this tire.

“Got my mom a heat changing mug with a photo of us on it. She was so excited to try it out only to find out…”

“…that the company printed some other person’s picture on the mug.”

What a vicious circle.

“For years, I’ve had to live with weird roommates, pay crazy rent, and suffer from financial problems. And then I bought an RV.”

“My ‘mortgage’ is a whopping $300/month and full-timer insurance is $118/month. For anyone who is single and struggling financially, I recommend this lifestyle.”

When you don’t want to come up with any text:

“My friend called me and asked me to buy some bread and come to his place so he could pay me back. I went to his place and saw this.”

“He decided to not come out. He roped the money down to me and pulled up the bread. And I thought I was lazy.”

When you promise to start a new life tomorrow, but then realize that promises are not all that important, really:

The original $1,000 monitor stand

“So, we bought this old Soviet chair and restored it. 500 likes and I’ll show photos and videos of how I did it. I hope I don’t get 500 likes because I’m lazy.”

When you want to live in harmony with nature, but you work as a delivery driver:

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