15 Famous People From The 19th Century: Portraits Vs Photos

Elisabeth of Wied: Queen consort and wife of King Charles I of Romania (1843-1916)

Elena of Waldeck and Pyrmont: princess consort and wife of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany (1861-1922)

Josephine Frederica of Baden: Princess Consort of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1813-1900)

Anna de Noailles: Countess Mathieu de Noailles and poetess (1876-1933)

Genara Maria de Braganza: imperial princess of Brazil and member of the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies by marriage (1822-1901).

Francisca de Braganza: Princess of Orleans, Princess of Brazil and Infanta of Portugal (1824-1898)

Ada Lovelace: mathematician and writer, considered the first programmer (1815-1852).

Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen: wife of King Wilhelm IV of the United Kingdom (1792-1849)

Rosalía de Castro: poetess and novelist (1837-1885)

María de las Mercedes de Orleans: wife of King Alfonso XII of Spain (1860-1878)

Eugénie de Montijo: wife of Napoleon III and Empress Consort of France (1826-1920)

Elisabeth of Bavaria, “Sissi”: Bavarian princess and wife of King Franz Joseph I of Austria (1837-1898)

Wilhelmina of the Netherlands: Queen of the Netherlands (1860-1962)

Maria Pia of Savoy: Princess of Sardinia and Italy and Queen of Portugal (1847-1911)

Margherita Teresa of Savoy: Queen consort and wife of Humbert I of Italy (1851-1926)

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