15+ Iconic Photos That Capture Past Century’s Elegance

Step into the past and bask in the elegance of the previous century with this collection of iconic photographs, each capturing a moment in time and reflecting the style and sophistication of the era.

“My late grandfather.”

“My grandmother (in the 1960s or ’70s) with her dog Bam Bam. I thought I’d share her beauty with everyone else.”

“Red lipstick was popular, even in the 1930s.”

“Turns out my grandfather-in-law was fine as hell.”

“A powerful woman in the late ’50s.”

“My grandmother modeling a Christian Dior wedding gown in the 1940s.”

“A pretty lady with confidence and a taste for fashion in the late 1910s.”

“Here’s my grandfather, who was the man to raise me.”

“My grandmother had style in Detroit, 1938.”

“My grandmother and grandfather on the day they got engaged, 1944.”

“My glorious grandfather as he was in high school.”

“My grandfather, circa ’50s.”

“Maud Adams, an American actress, 1890.”

“This is my gorgeous grandmother, circa 1948.”

“My ridiculously attractive grandparents sitting for a portrait in the early 1940s”

“An example of elegance and grace in the 1940s.”

“A lady with a beautiful smile, 1965.”

“My Grandfather always said: If you don’t want your wife or mistress to complain, just get them a present.”

Source: brightside.me

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