15 Interesting Locations Where Famous Movies And TV Series Were Shot

Bow Bridge, located in New York City’s Central Park, often becomes a backdrop for romantic scenes.

The exterior of Alnwick Castle, located in Great Britain, was used for shooting Hogwarts. Moreover, it appeared in Downtown Abbey, as well as some other movies and TV series.

The Leonie Pray House is located in California and is considered to be the ideal of Tudor revival style architecture. You can also see this house in Weird Science and Beverly Hills, 90210.

The debut of this building took place in 1986 when the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came to the big screen. Since then, the house has appeared in other movies many times.

One of the most popular cafes in the world — Quality Cafe — has been used in the shooting of numerous movies. Unfortunately, the cafe stopped working in 2014.

Pay attention to the fact that the characters are located similarly in the first 2 frames, while the interior almost hasn’t changed — there is a 6-year difference between these shots. You can also see the same mugs in shots #2, #3, and #4.

Hatfield House is an old English mansion — decorated in the Tudor and Jacobean style. This private property, belonging to local aristocracy, is actively rented out for filming.

This one is also Hatfield House. The gallery that you see in the picture below is 170 ft in length.

The creators of the movies Batman and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider — The Cradle of Life opted for the same angle in the same building. This library is also located in Hatfield House.

Fire Station #23 (Los Angeles) has appeared in a dozen movies, but it is mostly remembered for its “role” in Ghostbusters.

The rocks in Vasquez Rocks Park have “played” in more than 70 Hollywood movies.

The gardens of Rockefeller Center (New York City) have become a place where many superhero movies (and television shows) are filmed.

Greystone Mansion is a luxury 55-room house in Beverly Hills. It’s very sought-after as a shooting set.

Parkwood Estate used to be a private residence, but now it has the status of a national historical place. It regularly appears in movies.

Another catering place that is widely advertised by the cinema industry is “The Smokehouse.” The characters of many movies have come here for lunch. By the way, this restaurant is still working.

Of course, the design of the interior has changed a lot because 13 years has passed between the filming of the 2 movies above.

Monument Valley often becomes the background for filming movies with Western themes. It is located along the Arizona-Utah border.

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