15+ Interesting Things That Look Like Something Else

“The sun hit this freshly-paved tarmac just right and made a real-life Rainbow Road through polarized lenses.”

“A brick in this house was replaced with LEGO blocks.”

“The shadow of my bookshelf looks like a city skyline.”

“Someone crocheted bicycle rack warmers around my neighborhood just in time for the changing season.”

“This oxidized rock looks like Sasquatch holding a club.”

“This apple’s flesh is the same color as its skin.”

“The corrosion on this water tap looks like a map.”

“This shriveled egg”

“My spilled coffee foam looks like a fish!”

“The hundreds of tiny droplets of condensation on my can of lemonade”

“This part of a tree stump looks kind of like a miniature wooden metropolis.”

“My injury healed in a nearly perfect heart shape.”

“The way the light is divided by the rainbow”

“This tree in my neighborhood has 1 branch of an apple tree and the rest of it is normal.”

“This grumpy pie”

“A little froggy hopped across my windshield last night.”

“These roof vents look like Mandalorian helmets”

“Burning a piece of palo santo and this little flame appeared to be floating.”

“When I opened my ice cream it had a smiley face and a heart in it.”

“The sun’s reflection on my drinking glass creates Bart Simpson’s skull.”

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