15 Kitchen Gadgets That People Highly Recommend

This is a list of 15 kitchen gadgets that are trusted and favored by people for their usefulness and practicality in the kitchen. They come highly recommended and are relied upon for various cooking and food preparation tasks.

A meat masher for getting ground meats finely chopped. It breaks up larger chunks better than a spatula or a spoon. Makes meal prep go a lot quicker.

A compact air fryer that proves you don’t have to completely give up fried food to eat healthier.

A sous vide precision cooker – allows for greater precision – completely eliminate guesswork and cook your meat to your desired temp every time without fail. 2) It can produce results that are difficult to replicate without it – essentially eliminate the temp gradient on cooked meat. 3) It takes a normally active cooking component of the meal and makes it passive, which can be a great help when cooking for a big group, allowing you to focus energy elsewhere knowing that the meat needs no attention

A fast electric kettle to boil water in minutes without having to fire up the stove or turn on the microwave. Also whenever I boil or simmer anything at all I boil the water in the kettle then add it to the pan. It takes about a minute for me to get 2L of boiling water that way, rather than be say waiting 5 or so for my stove to get a pan of that volume up to temperature. Pasta, rice, veg, etc etc etc.

Best Popcorn Poppper – Never an unpopped kernal, and so easy to clean up after!

A breakfast sandwich maker that cooks every part of the sandwich at once and then neatly stacks them together so you can skip the line at your local breafast place.

A grinder that effortlessly crushes salt, pepper, and other spices using a ceramic stone grinder that won’t corrode. You can adjust the grind thickness to fine or coarse. Plus, freshly ground pepper is amazing and improves almost everything you could possibly eat.

A frozen yogurt and ice cream maker so you can make all of your genius flavor combinations come true! – The best part is you get to decide what ingredients are used. For example, you can substitute sugar for maple syrup!

An electric conical burr grinder to get consistent, perfectly even grounds every. single. time. If you want to improve your coffee game, this thing is worth the splurge.

Hyper Chiller …a very cool gadget that’ll turn any hot or cold non-carbonated drink into an iced one in mere minutes without watering it down. Try it out with wine or steaming hot coffee and thank me later.

A cordless electric wine opener so you can skip the struggle and get straight to the drinking wine part. It also comes with a handy foil cutter.

A wine aerator to allow your wine to breathe instantly, giving it a more complex flavor and smoother finish — without the wait.

A pair of bear claws that make it so much easier to shred meats. Hate getting your fingers covered in greasy rotisserie chicken? Use these instead!

Microplane Grater – You will never grate Parmesan or other hard cheeses any other way once you buy one. It literally liquifies garlic, so you don’t have to spend time chopping it for recipes

Fish Spatula – Being slotted makes it extra flexible, which makes it easier to get under the fish to flip it without creating a disaster

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