15 Mind-Bending Photos That Defy Logic

These intriguing and puzzling pictures present scenarios that challenge logic and defy easy understanding.

“Didn’t expect a tortoise to bust through my fence today.”

“Coffee served in a cup made of waffle that you then eat afterwards (Netherlands).”

“My flu shot band-aid matched my skin so well, I forgot to take it for 5 days.”

“Can’t use the bathroom without a credit/debit card at Munich Central train station.”

“My fan from 1934 still being used every day.”

“My hand got a really bad cramp today.”

“This avocado my mom cut open has a very small pit.”

“My pumpkin from October 2023 has not rotted as of late May 2024.”

“A specific area on my hand is hair repellent.”

“This soft pretzel I forgot to put in the baking soda bath.”

“100% all-purpose flour vs 100% whole wheat flour (1/2 and 1/2 in the middle). Same recipe, same process.”

“My sun glasses allow me to see some otherwise invisible pattern on these car windows.”

“German hospital lunch today.”

“A message tied to a fallen balloon in the grass.”

The message reads: “Brandon, We all miss you! We celebrated you today, you would be so happy. Love you, Mom.”

One person reacted: “Wow that’s heartbreaking,” another one said: “It’s a poignant reminder of how deeply people miss their loved ones.”

“Hotel shower. I’m only 5’7””

Source: brightside.me

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