15 Movie Stars Who Play Bad Guys, Yet Are Real-Life Sweethearts

Apart from playing super-villains, Josh Brolin opts for less scary transformations in real life. For example, this is how he celebrated last Halloween with his family.

In real life, Mads Mikkelsen’s eyes are absolutely normal, unlike the eyes of most characters he plays. Recently, he congratulated everyone on International Cat Day.

When Stellan Skarsgård doesn’t take baths in a black substance and doesn’t levitate, he takes photos together with Jared Harris, for example.

In reality, Dave Bautista isn’t fighting with Josh Brolin, he’s playing jokes on him.

When off set, Ian McDiarmid looks like he is not capable of hurting a fly.

In real life, David Bradley is not as angry as he is depicted in Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. However, it’s still understandable why he is offered such roles.

Iwan Rheon doesn’t torture anyone in real life but instead stands for nature protection.

Apart from numerous villain roles in flicks, Gary Oldman also plays the role of a loving husband and father.

Michael Shannon doesn’t look like a villain when off set. He looks more like a family man.

Not only does Ron Perlman like to play the roles of bad guys, but he also adores animals.

Javier Bardem, in fact, is not grumpy and loves his older sister and brother.

The charisma of Antony Starr stops being villain-ish in real life, and he doesn’t turn anyone into ashes with his eyes.

Giancarlo Esposito looks much happier in real life than when he plays the head of criminal structures or the Galactic Empire revival group leader.

While taking breaks from combating Harry Potter, Ralph Fiennes takes cute selfies and looks absolutely offenseless.

Alfred Molina, who decided to combat Spider-Man once again 17 years later, properly pet a dog before starring in the role.

Credits:  brightside.me

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