15 People That Absolutely Nail It In Home Renovation

“The ceiling hasn’t been finished yet but it’s so cool. I can’t believe I did it.”

“I wanted to give up. But did I really have a choice? So I cried, wiped away my tears, thought about my child, stood up, and went to paint the walls.”

“The micro office I created out of a really junky hall closet”

“The low-budget seating area I made myself — it’s not much but I’m proud of it.”

“I chose to sand and paint the wood white and then decided to use wallpaper to add something interesting. I particularly love the accents of gold in the paper and am planning to add some spotlights to the space which will really allow the gold to stand out!”

“I decided to paint the wall in an unusual way. This is the result.”

“Everything on this balcony was made by the hands of my sisters and myself.”

“A nearly year-long renovation is finally coming to an end.”

“I did it! I won’t have vacations, but I have a comfortable balcony now!”

“While I was in the army, my girlfriend made a faux brick wall in our kitchen. I’m proud of her!”

“My mom enjoyed the renovation process so much that she made bas-relief in the kitchen. Will I ever be as skilled as my mom?”

“While I was ill, I renovated the balcony, slightly.”

“One sunny Sunday evening, I suddenly realized that I needed shelves inside this niche.”

“I rented an office and remodeled it myself. I’m so happy!”

“This is what my room looks like today. I renovated everything in it, including the furniture.”

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