15 People That Are Incredibly Not-Intelligent

The time I watched someone who had missed their exit on the highway stop on the shoulder, back up, turn around, and go up the entrance ramp. I could not f@#king believe it.


Back when the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster happened we were discussing how the reactor had failed in a science class. 5 minutes into the conversation a girl piped up and said “I don’t see what the big deal is. Why can’t we just regrow it?”

She dead @$$ thought a nuclear power plant was… A plant


I work for Parks Canada in Yoho National Park. I have been asked the question (seriously), “Where do you keep the animals at night?” twice in my career. To this day I still find great joy imagining what they thought was going on each night as we “collected” every large animal in the Parks.


“I can’t use this I’m left handed”

It was a f@#king shovel and I was the idiot that thought a left handed shovel existed.


There was a girl in my high school who forced the teacher to pause a documentary about people living in mud huts in Africa because she was upset that they were showing us fictional movies in a history class. It took everyone else in the room to convince her that people actually live like that in some places. Wealthy area living for ya.


We asked our classmate to prove she knew the 7 continents. Her list went like this…”North America. Europe. China. The Pacific Ocean?” I s@#t you not.


Someone in my history class argued that Mussolini was a type of pasta


Watching a man try to open the locked front door of my shop while a bright red closed sign was literally inches from his face. He kept looking at the door like it was just stuck.


Knew a girl in middle school that didn’t understand the concept of perspective

She also thought North was whichever direction you were facing at the time


“How much is a half dollar worth?” She was the newest teller my boss hired. Will never forget that moment.


I was once asked how it felt to come to the US as a refugee (I’m from Germany). She then looked rather surprised when I told her that Hitler has been dead for 75 years and that Germany is one of the more liberal countries in the world these days. She full on thought I fled Nazi Germany.


I worked at a restaurant and we had a dish that was just a whole grilled chicken, chopped into pieces. A woman who ordered for delivery called us, absolutely scathing, complaining that her order of one whole chicken only contained TWO chicken breasts. Had to explain to grown @$$ woman that chicken only have two breasts.


Ex flatmate cancelled the gas and electricity contract because it was too expensive. Wondered why we had no more electricity nor gas. She thought we paid 90€ a month to get a hotline 24/7 in case of problem.


I got a concussion a while back. A friend of mine told me not to come close because it might be contagious. They weren’t kidding.


This was my first experience in retail where I learned what many customers would be like.

Seasons were changing, so we put a lot of shirts we had to get rid of in the front and made them 50% off. I was working the register when a woman came up to buy her things. I rang her up and could see a look on her face like something was wrong. That’s when the following happened.

Lady: “Why is this so much.”

Me: “Pardon me?”

Lady: “This should only be $10 not $20.”

I thought that maybe her item was on sale, so I asked if she could point out the sign because I wasn’t aware of it. It was a small store and we didn’t have to walk anywhere.

Lady: “This sign here.”

Me: “This sign says that all shirts are 50% off.”

Lady: “Yes, so why is this full price.”

Me: “This is a hat.”


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