15 People Who Had An Exceptionally Bad Day

“My mom’s phone is so big that she accidentally used it as a plate.”

“Ruined my Stainless Steel Pot Lid by Turning on the Wrong Induction Burner. I Was About to Pick it up When I saw the Blue”

“I accidentally tore the gas door off of my husband’s Mercedes. I didn’t realize it locks if the car is locked. I thought it was jammed.”

“At the age of 49 years old I’ve just be told I’ve developed an allergy to dog hair……………I’m a professional dog groomer.”

“Fell down these slippery, wet stairs, taking most of the “grip tape” with me as I fell…”

“Blizzard blew the man door on my garage open yesterday”

“That’s not what I wanted to fall from the cabinet”

“Not quite how I wanted my morning to start”

“I ordered this “ottoman” for my wife… Should have double checked the dimensions”

“So at 6am I was very rudely awakened to the sound of my beautiful reclaimed, but as yet unsecured, art deco basin crashing onto my newly tiled floor. Barbara the cat scarpering out as I reach the bathroom”

“This is the inside of my apartment door. Roomie left with my keys and it cannot be unlocked from the inside without a key.”

““Wear gloves…” they said “then you won’t superglue your fingers together like a numpty…””

“Came home after student teaching all day, walked in my bedroom and saw water dripping from the ceiling onto my bed.”

“Having a shark swim down your street just after the worst ever recorded bushfire season”

“My pillow exploded in the dryer”

“1 lonely AirPod at the train station”

“Due to the recent rain in California, the neighborhood pool is now an above ground pool”

“I was the only one who turned up to my b-day party. So I got some balloon friends to join.”

“My kid during his birthday safari”

“There goes my smoothie!”

“Wife bought a new plant pot and put it on the shelf over the toilet. And hour later we heard a crash…”

“Merry Christmas, Mom… I know it’s a couple of weeks early, but I thought I’d help you open some gifts!”

“My dough turned into a monster.”

“As a practical joke, some co-workers wrapped my office in foil. My 30” LCD monitor was accidentally turned on, and it boiled itself.”

“Sorry class, my dog ate everyone’s homework.”

“My spatula broke making eggs this morning.”

“Made a pie today. Dropped a pie today.”

“Mom broke her tooth after biting a Starbucks sandwich. Turns out there was a bone in the sandwich.”

“My neighbor has weeds in his fake grass”

“Not sure how it happened, but the damage was done, so I took the pic.”

“Trying to enjoy a coffee in my car on my way to work”

“Thanks Taco Bell. I really wanted that cardboard with my cheesy Gordita crunch”

“Nice professional report cover with impossible to remove sticker on front.”

“The gang is just about to arrive for D&D”

“I’m never going to recover financially from this.”

“My TV Dinner’s “Cinnamon Apple Dessert” didn’t have any apple pieces in it.”

“Accidentally locked myself in the toilet stall at my new job. It won’t turn all the way open..”

Source: www.reddit.com

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