15 People Who Truly Understand What a Terrible Day Feels Like

“Got a burrito at work and leaned over to pick my can of paint up and Aspen snatched a bite.”

“The one time the toner burst at work while switching it out. You can see where I was at that exact moment.”

“In the middle of the night, I apparently thought this was my earbuds’ case.”

“My In-laws’ dog ate my glasses on the first night I arrived for a visit.”

“A generous tip for someone working at a restaurant.”

“The tire blew out on the way to work. Not a problem, I’ve got a spare. Nope. The spare gave out too.”

“I do calligraphy. I misplaced the circled character, which is part of a 300-word scroll that I almost finished after 5 days of work.”

“I accidentally left my laptop bag on my car roof, and drove off with it still on top.”

“I asked for it well done.’”

“The worst possible photo your drone can take.”

“What could go wrong with wearing flip-flops to the airport?”

“Someone left their phone in a public bathroom stall”

“Just bought $1200 worth of cedar planks to redo the walls in my home, only to find out that Im allergic to cedar when I started sanding them.”

“A bottle of human urine was in my Amazon Fresh order.”

“Middle of the work day and this decides to happen.”

“Took a swig and wasn’t expecting lumps.”

“Mold inside my sealed can of mushrooms.”

“Traded in my iPhone to apple, they rejected my trade in and sent this back. I sent a working complete phone.”

“My cat threw a perfume bottle on my toilet and broke the lid.”

“My wedding tux pants ripped 45 min before the ceremony.”

“I booked a hotel room 5 months in advance, was told they had no rooms left when I checked in, and I was the “Guest of the Day.” The hotel is now saying I was a no show and will not refund me for the night they “walked” me to a hotel at the airport.”

“Been stuck on a train for 12 hours, alone, due to weather.”

“Knocked a bottle over and it landed perfectly upside down without the cap. How Do I pick it up now without spilling everything lol?”

“My day didn’t start as planned.”

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“The lid shattered just as I finished rice for a dinner party — how?”

“Before and after my usual barber asked if I wanted ’enhancements’”

“Waited a little too long to take the canoe out of the water.”

“Our dog scared our cat, which jumped on and off the table, pushing our 1000-piece puzzle off.”

“I thought I was so smart for keeping a cover on my toothbrush at all times.”

“Made brownies, and this is what was left for me, neatly covered in foil on top of the fridge (where we keep the good stuff so the kids and dog can’t get it).”

“My wife said she heard a noise in the laundry room.”

“Added the birthday candles while the brownies were still warm and they melted, ruining the whole dish.”

“Right before I left the trampoline park, I put my blue shoes back on. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I didn’t wear my blue shoes to the trampoline park.”

“Found a live spider in my unopened queso after breaking the seal.”

“So I let my buddy start the grill up, and I walked out to this.”

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