15+ People Whose Creativity Will Leave You Speechless

“I made these — Toy Cars on Canvas series. Each one weighs between 60 lb and 80 lb.”

“I carved, by hand in wax, these 2 Okinawa lions as my future silver ring charters. It took me almost 9 hours each.”

“My attempt at making nebulae”

“I pushed myself even harder this year. I think my photo skills have improved too (laser and hand painted/sealed).”

“My father made this from scratch for my niece’s third birthday.”

“I’m working on this chessboard. I made it from silver and 24k gold. Each square is .7 mm x .7mm.”

“Needle-felted dog”

“Painted some mini wood panels!”

“I built my dream ‘80s video ’store’ in my basement over 4 long years for family, friends, and creative endeavors.”

“Finally finished this 1-line drawing. Up close, it should look chaotic. From a distance, it should be clear.”

“I’m a huuuge Stranger Things fan! This is my creepy/cute Demogorgon.”

“I’m a self-taught baker, and here are a few of my creations.”

“I made this illusion rug, banana for scale.”

“I made 120 bees.”

Source: brightside.me

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