15 Photos Prove That Kids And Pets Were Made For Each Other

“My son and my cat embarking on an epic journey”

“It took some time, but my dog Ozzie is finally bros with my son.”

“We adopted these 2 cats the year my son was born, they’ve grown up together, and now the 3 are inseparable.”

“My son giving his dog a quick pep talk before the vet comes back.”

“This photo perfectly encapsulates my daughter and cat’s companionship.”

“Caught my son and his cat napping together.”

“They like to practice the piano together.”

“They wait together for their squirrel friend to come.”

“My son likes to read to our dog.”

“My cousin’s daughter and cat fell asleep like this.”

“A stray parakeet flew to my son yesterday and wouldn’t leave him… we now own a bird named Blue.”

“The smiles on their faces say it all.”

“My son and his cat, hanging out, watching Avatar.”

“My daughter and cat are best friends.”

“We met a friendly cat on our walk — My son did the only reasonable thing.”

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