15 Photos Prove That Men And Women Just Can’t Understand Each Other

“My wife putting this peanut butter in the trash because it’s empty…”

Men’s bathroom vs Women’s bathrooms

“My girlfriend wasn’t very happy with my gubment check purchase.”

“My foot vs My boyfriend’s foot”

“Pictures I take of my boyfriend vs Pictures he takes of me”

“My boyfriend and I picked out each other’s outfits at the thrift store for our date. Who picked the worst outfit?”

“I let my boyfriend choose a shower curtain and now we have this.”

“My version of making burritos vs My boyfriend’s version of making burritos”

“I created a Free Dobby sock holder! I think it looks so cute in the laundry room. Somehow only my husband’s socks manage to linger there, sad and alone…”

“Photos mom takes vs Photos dad takes”

“How I eat my corn (bottom) vs How my wife eats her corn (top)”

His shoes vs Her shoes

“This is how my wife helped me select a color for my new car.”

His manicure vs Her manicure

Her “half of the bed” and my “half of the bed”

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